Girls Junior Varsity SIlver Soccer · Silver Lady Tigers endure tough battle with Carmel

4 Carmel High School
3 Fishers High School
Away   Home
Away Home
Carmel High School vs Fishers High School
4 3
1 -   1
2 4   2

The Freshmen Lady Greyhounds of Carmel paid a visit to Tiger Stadium. Silver Lady Tigers were ready to show Greyhounds that they could run with them. Game started out with a lot of back and forth ball movement from both teams. GIa Tumber took a highline and pushed back on the Carmel defense. Caydence Wood used her strength to muscle the ball away from the paws of the hounds. Samira Lee was nimble footed on the wing and kept the hounds scrambling. Brooklyn Ferrell and Riley Brinson caged the Carmel attack. Jaidin Millsaps got the wing attack of Carmel to heal to her will. Audrey McGovern stepped up her defensive pressure on the other side to keep hounds tracking back. Tessa Pettygrove got the jump on her defender and was able to penetrate deep into Carmel territory and set up Maddie Poppe with an exceptional cross, which allow Poppe to put Tigers up 1. First half ended with Lady Tigers up one. Second half began with more dominate and confident play from the Tigers. Tseganesh Gregg put a leash on the hounds in the midfield. Rylan Christianson kept scratching at the Carmel heels to keep them whimpering. Lexie Pritchett worked her skill on the wing to keep hounds sprinting after her. Maddie Meier found herself within shooting range and made the Carmel goal pay for being out of position by sinking the second goal. Raegan McMullen had some great runs into the Carmel corners. At the 26 minute mark Anna Williams used her silky smooth ball control to set up Taylor Gerardot who sent a perfectly hit ball over the reach of the goalies fingers. The Silver Lady Tigers were up 3 with lots of time left. Emma Dean worked hard to win the ball back and put the ball forward for continued tries at the goal. Ashley Jackson and Olivia Weyer used their typical dominating presence as a fullback to limit the wing attacks. Alexa Denney and Eliza Uliczny shared responsibility in the goal and did their best against a hot shooting Carmel team. I am so very proud of the improved effort against a very skilled team. Next game against Guerin Catholic. Peace out Tiger Nation.