Our Purpose

Our Purpose

Fishers High School Athletics provides student-centered sports programs that value competition and strive for excellence in academics, character development, sportsmanship, and team success.

InSideOut School

Fishers High School supports the philosophy of education based athletics.  Through interscholastic competition, our athletic programs will value growth, development, and relationships over the results of a contest.  Our purpose will guide us to become better individuals and ultimately better leaders.

What is the InSideOut Initiative?

The purpose of the InSideOut Initiative is to transform the current “win-at-all-costs” sports culture where the value is often defined by the scoreboard, into one that defines and promotes sports as a human growth experience.

The InSideOut Initiative provides a blueprint for systemic change.  We must become aware of the purpose of sport in our children’s lives, align school communities around this purpose, provide education to school community stakeholders and hold all involved accountable to clearly defined expectations.