About FSN



The all new Fishers Sports Network takes you inside Fishers Sports like never before. With approximately 65 live events all season long, covering all Fishers Sports, you can keep your eyes on FHS teams all day long. Stay updated on your Tigers with weekly team reports, exclusive coach and player interviews, as well as in studio shows with analysis and breakdowns of all the action. FSN takes Fishers athletics from the stadium to your screen.


Coach and Player Interviews for ALL Sports- Get an inside look on your team, hear from the people who make up Fishers Athletics
Reports from our FSN broadcasters- We keep you updated and in the loop all week long and leading up to games for your favorite Tiger teams.
In studio shows- Our FSN broadcasters and analysts sit down and break down all the action from games and practice. Game previews, reaction, analysis.

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The Fishers Sports Network was co-founded in 2015 by senior students Sam Neidermann, Alex Brown, and Mike Folta. In collaboration with Fishers HS media director Andy Smith, and the athletic department, Fishers was able to launch its very own sports media outlet…. the ESPN of Fishers if you will. The project commenced with a vision in mind: Bring Fishers fans inside Fishers Athletics. Fishers has seen many of its sports programs develop into state and even national household names, these teams deserve coverage from a dedicated and diligent team. Now, fans can watch live broadcasts of their favorite teams, and much more content covering FHS teams. FSN is a first in Fishers High School history, and a cornerstone in the FHS athletic and media department for years to come.


Each and every member of the FSN team has one mission: deliver high quality coverage of Fishers Athletics for an entire season. It is simple. It is our job at FSN to produce broadcasts and content that are high quality, informing and entertaining you while you watch the team. Whether it is the play by play commentator or the person who carries equipment and works a camera during the week– each team member is responsible to their element and must stay accountable to the overall goal of the team, which is delivering the broadcast/show/report/interview with professionalism and to the best of our ability. Our team puts in hours of work throughout the week in preparation for games, conducting interviews, making reports, and producing other content. Just like your Tiger teams have to practice and prepare for their opponents day in and day out, our FSN team must prepare perfectly with maximum effort for each and every on-air production throughout the year. It is our responsibility and mission to give Fishers fans great coverage of their Fishers teams. Thank you for watching FHS athletics on the Fishers Sports Network. Home of The Tigers.