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Winter Sports Picture Day

November 18th

Order ID # HM030249X0

Ordering Pictures
  • Ways your athletes and parents can order portraits!
    • 1. Pre-ordering online at https://order.lifetouchsports.com/index.cfm?event=OrderHome&contractID=176565  – This is open 48 hours after portrait day!
      • An email link should have been forwarded to your email!  Please forward that to your parents or post it on your website!
      • TIP: If you don’t see it, please check your SPAM folder.  If still not there, let me know!
    • 2. After portrait day – Proof sheet online instructions
      • Every athlete will receive a picture package after portrait day.  If an athlete did NOT order anything, they will get a proof sheet that shows the portrait we captured of them and the ordering instructions in case they did want to purchase after portrait day.

Here is the online order link.