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In the up and down world of athletics, it’s not uncommon to have a bad day from time to time. Your moods can be high during the good times, and low during the bad. How do you handle the ups and downs?

It’s easy to do and say all of the right things when everything is going well. How about the bad times?  How about on the court or playing field after a tough loss, or lack of playing time, or an unexpected injury? What do your actions say about you?

This past week an NFL player was suspended for the year because he lost his self control and assaulted an opponent on the field of play. Was he having a bad day? You bet, but there is never an acceptable excuse to take your frustrations out on an opponent, teammate, coach, teacher, or administrator.

Keeping your cool and helping your teammates do the same is a responsibility of every student-athlete during every practice and game. Be that student-athlete that displays self control at all times and not just when things are going well!

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