Multiple Teams · Fishers Boys Soccer Toy Drive to Support the Children of Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Boys Soccer Toy Drive

Please consider supporting our upcoming Toy Drive to support the children of Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital!  Next Thursday night, September 26th is our Cancer Awareness Night (and Senior Night). We are hosting a Toy Drive in honor of cancer survivor Leena Sheppard and in appreciation of the work being done at Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

Every toy that is donated will can directly benefit and bring a little bit of joy to a child who is going through a difficult time.

Please review the “wish list” from Peyton Mannings (see link above and below).  Please consider supporting the Toy Drive by bringing new toys, cash donations and/or infant items to the Varsity/JV games on September 26th and by asking others to make donations a well.  Be sure to follow the important instructions on the link below (donations must be new items, etc…).  Cash donations will be used to purchase additional toys.  Donations can also be turned in to boys soccer coaches.

Please click here for more information: Boys Soccer Toy Drive