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FHS Student-Athletes,

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  I wanted to share a quick note before the school year starts.  I am getting ready to start my second year here and want to continue to build on last year’s progress.  Our weight room was recently finished with some fun and exciting additions to make the overall student-athlete experience that much better!  FHS has invested a lot to be able to provide such a great space for you, and I am excited to help you become a stronger, more resilient athlete!

Our weight room can now accommodate larger numbers and I want to welcome all student-athletes to APC!  Just like practice, the weight room needs to be a part of your total athletic performance program.  When we build your lifting program we will use exercise progressions that are specific to your needs.  This individual approach allows you to safely improve your strength, speed, and overall athleticism.  Enrolling in APC is an important step for not only you but to also build stronger teams so that we can all compete for championships.  If you have room in your 2019-20 academic schedule, I encourage you to speak with your counselor about picking up an APC class.

I look forward to seeing you in APC and working with you during this upcoming school year!

Coach Jones



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Quotes from Tiger Athletes

Jordan Imes, Jr

Girls Basketball/G. Soccer

“Coach Jones’ lifting program is very challenging but is educational and fun.  The exercises that we do really help me improve my mobility, strength and power.  These improvements have helped expand my range in covering a goal in soccer and I can now jump higher to grab more rebounds in basketball.   I highly recommend all athletes to join his APC class.”

Dominic Castellani , Sr

Boys Basketball

APC is great because it allows me to lift and get stronger during the school day.  This gives me more time after school for skill work and practice so that I can get home and get started on my homework at a decent time.  Coach Jones’ lifting program has a lot of variety and I look forward to coming to class every day!