Girls Varsity Basketball · Tiger Tuesday Spotlight – Coach Lauren Vail (Girls Basketball)

Coach Vail just completed her first year as the Head Coach for the Lady Tigers Basketball program. Prior to taking the helm, Coach Vail was the JV Head Coach for five seasons and the Varsity Assistant for two.  Coach Vail teaches in the physical education department for Fishers HS. Coach Vail graduated from Anderson University with a degree in Physical Education and Middle School Math. While at Anderson, she was a four-year member of the women’s basketball team.

Coach Questionnaire – Lauren Vail

Why do you choose to coach? 

I choose to coach because I love the game of basketball and the life skills and relationships that can be formed through being a part of a team.  As a coach, I have the opportunity to facilitate that growth in the young ladies in our program.

Who inspired you to become a coach or who has been a mentor for you? 

My first inspirations and role models were my parents. Both my mom and dad were head coaches when I was born and I grew up around their teams. I always enjoyed being a part of that and watching my parents coach. My high school basketball coach, Donna Buckley, was also a great inspiration for me and has since become a trusted mentor, as well.

Where did you grow up and what sports did you play? 

I graduated from Greenfield-Central High School in 2004. I played both Volleyball and Basketball for 4 years. I also played Softball for 2 and did track for 1 year.

What trait do you feel is the most important for an athlete to possess? 

Sacrifice is the trait that first comes to mind.  First of all, the idea of sacrificing yourself and your individual wants for a collective goal is something that the greatest leaders embrace.  Athletics require a great deal time and effort, so a willingness to work outside of your comfort zone and sacrifice yourself physically and mentally is crucial.

What is your most memorable moment of being a Tiger? 

My most memorable moment as a Tiger was being on the bench and watching our players as time ran out when we won the Sectional Championship at North Central in 2014.  Winning the Sectional was an outstanding accomplishment, but more importantly it was so fun to watch a group of girls that loved one another so much achieve a goal that many thought wasn’t likely.

What do you feel students gain from participation in high school athletics? 

Most importantly, students gain a sense of belonging to a group with a common goal and learn to how to work together to achieve that goal. High School athletics are fun, so they will gain memories and friends for a life time. Athletics provide students with the opportunity to learn time management, self-sacrifice, discipline and resiliency, as well.