Tigers News · Tiger Tuesday Spotlight – Coach Harkin (Baseball / Football)

Coach Jeff Harkin coaches baseball and football for the Tigers.  Coach Harkin is the Varsity Assistant for Tiger Baseball and a Varsity Assistant Coach in football coaching the special teams and running backs.  Coach Harkin teaches US History and World History within the Social Studies Department at Fishers High School.

Coach Questionnaire – Coach Jeff Harkin

Why do you choose to coach? 

I coach to make a difference.  I grew up without a father and so I clung to positive male role models.  My goal is to be that positive figure in a young person’s life.  I also coach to help my players reach their goals.  

Who inspired you to become a coach or who has been a mentor for you? 

My brother Jeremy inspired me to become a coach.  He has modeled what it means to be a great man and coach.  I only hope to be half the man he is and I will be considered a success.  

I would also add that being a part of a great community of coaches at FHS has helped to mentor me as a coach. 

Where did you grow up and what sports did you play? 

I grew up in the Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  I played football, basketball, baseball, and cheerleading.  

What trait do you feel is the most important for an athlete to possess? 

In my opinion, the most important trait for an athlete to possess is the ability to overcome adversity.  Adversity is something that appears in all aspects of life.  If given the proper tools to handle it, adversity can help a person grow and improve themselves.  If those lessons are not taught in a non-threatening environment, adversity can destroy someone.  

What is your most memorable moment of being a Tiger? 

Winning the first state championship in football in 2010 and our first baseball sectional title in 2017 are my 2 most memorable moments as a Tiger.  Firsts for both programs and seeing the excitement and trill our players experienced was something I will never forget.  

What do you feel students gain from participation in high school athletics? 

I believe that students gain valuable skills that will make them successful in life.  Time-management, work ethic, determination, perseverance, and the ability to work through adversity are the ones that come to mind right away.  Being a part of a team and learning how to lead are also invaluable skills that high school athletics teach.