track · Tiger Tuesday Spotlight – Coach Allen (Girls Track & Field)

Carly Allen

Coach Allen is currently in her first year as an assistant sprint coach for the Girls Track & Field team.

Coach Allen teaches in the math department at FHS and is finishing her second year of teaching.

She completed her undergraduate degree at Butler University.

Coach Questionnaire – Carly Allen

1. Why do you choose to coach?

I chose to coach this season because I was excited about the opportunity to get to know kids outside the four walls of my classroom. It is fun to watch them find success in an area other than the math class, sometimes! As a high school student, sports dominated most of my free time and much of my headspace. I know that the high school experience is more than just the experience academically, and I wanted to be a part of the Tiger Community in a new way. It is important to me to be actively involved in the lives of students that I teach and students here at Fishers—coaching has been a fun way to do that! I also just love watching track.

2. Who inspired you to become a coach or who has been a mentor for you?

I come from a family of teachers and coaches. My grandpa was a high school teacher and coach for many years, so jumping into coaching was something I always thought I would do! I had some awesome coaches throughout my experiences as an athlete, but really, I loved my teams. I have the best memories of team dinners and hanging out together after games and meets. That has really inspired me to be a part of a team again.

3. Where did you grow up and what sports did you play?

I grew up in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio at Upper Arlington High School. I played soccer, basketball, and ran track, primarily, but played lots of sports throughout my childhood!

4. What trait do you feel is the most important for an athlete to possess?

I think athletes should strive to be determined, focused, and hard-working. But most importantly, I love when an athlete has good sportsmanship. It is a blast to watch a game or meet where athletes are super competitive and terrific at their sport—but there is NOTHING BETTER than when that happens and the athletes seek to honor their opponent. It is so fun when athletes encourage their opponent to be the best they can be. That’s when competition is best and the games/meets are enjoyable, rather than negative and stressful. One of my favorite moments in sports is watching opponents congratulate each other after a win or a loss. That is what makes competition fun to me!

5. What is your most memorable moment of being a Tiger?

I don’t know if I can pin down a specific moment, but I always love going to pep sessions with the entire school. I love the energy and the spirit – it reminds me of how much I loved my school when I was in high school! It is encouraging as a teacher/coach to see students love this place so much.

6. What do you feel students gain from participation in high school athletics?

I was the best kind of students when I was in season. I procrastinated less and used my time more wisely. It taught me how to take advantage of the little time I had to complete homework and assignments. I loved the incentive to work hard during the school day so I could have less work outside of class. I also think that sports are a microcosm of life—how you behave/respond in the sports arena can tell you A LOT about yourself. Are you easily angered? Are you impatient with people who make mistakes?

Also, the belonging that you feel from being part of a team can’t be beat.